Swedtrain Tech & Future: Zero-Emission Trains, del 2

Building on our previous session, where we focused on general technology aspects, part 2 will delve into the technical concepts of hydrogen and battery-powered trains and the infrastructure requirements they entail.

We have invited Per L Larsson and Simon Wikström from the consultancy firm WSP to provide an overview of the technology and applications, including examples of products and cases, while emphasizing the user perspective.


  • An examination of how trains operate with hydrogen and battery propulsion systems.
  • The infrastructure requirements dictated by these technologies.
  • A survey of market-available products, with examples of hydrogen and battery trains
  • Case studies of routes analysed for the feasibility of hydrogen and battery trains, discussing operational realities and infrastructure needs.
  • Operational considerations for the adoption of battery trains, given their specific limitations.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain insights into the future of sustainable rail transport!