Zero-Emission Trains: Hydrogen vs. Battery

On April 24th, we are inviting members to the first of two webinars with Swedtrain Tech & Future where we will explore the latest advancements in hydrogen and battery-powered trains together with RISE and SAFT. In this initial webinar, we will provide a global overview and delve into the technologies, both generally and specifically within the railway sector.

Save the date for the second webinar on August 27th where we will look into the latest applications as well as pros and cons.

About the presentations

Hydrogen for railways – technology overview and outlook, Live Mölmen, RISE
One of the options to decarbonize the railways is to run on hydrogen. In recent years, the interest in hydrogen within the transport sector has increased. In this presentation we will give an overview of the technical aspects of the hydrogen value chain. Furthermore, we will give a brief outlook on the progress in hydrogen railways in Sweden, Europe and globally.

Battery technologies for railways: Challenges and trends, Erick Lopes, SAFT
The presentation will offer a general outline on the technologies, challenges, and emerging trends within the realm of batteries for railway applications.

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