Webinar: AI in Railways – Deepening Insights into Data Collection

On January 23 we invite members in Swedtrain for another Tech&Future webinar with focus on AI in railways! We will continue from our webinar in September 2023, during which we emphasized practical examples related to railway maintenance. This time, we’ll take a closer look at AI data – who owns it and how to access existing data? Together with Luleå Teknikska Universitet we learn from examples from other countries and industries!

Amit Patwardhan, PhD Student LTU
Amit will discuss industrial AI using case studies in railways and mining industry. Today we see development in technology at exponential rate however its adaptation for improving business productivity is logarithmic. As we go forward technological advances become overwhelming. Industrial AI is a concrete step towards creating a technological platform for improving industrial productivity with careful evaluation of technology capability and targeted industrial applications.

Veronica Jägare, Deputy Operational Manager LTU
The digitalisation of railway maintenance enables fact-based decision support utilising enhanced analytics aimed for nowcasting and forecasting. To succeed, inter-organisational cooperation is required in areas such as data sharing, regulations, and business models.

Veronica will address the challenges associated with technology transformation and provide insight how to define strategies and choose appropriate approaches, methodologies and technologies that enable the successful implementation of innovations.